I have decided to join a few challenges to push me to be more creative and to help me improve my photography skills.  The first challenge I am participating in, is run by my good friend, Charla of CharlaArts.  It is a weekly photo challenge where Charla will be providing themes for each week.  You can read more about it here.  The second challenge I am participating in, is one I found at M4H Photography. This is also a Project 52 challenge.  I am excited to get started!


Get Your Camera

I love hearing, “Mommy, get your camera and take a picture of this!” I love that they are always looking out for interesting things and wanting to photograph them. Usually it is something they have created and are very proud of!  Here is the creation that Kayleigh wanted me to photograph.  🙂

Finally a Photo

My daughter plays the violin.  For Christmas, her grandmother got her a violin for her American Girl doll.  It is the cutest thing. Last night when I tucked my daughter in,  I noticed this and it made me smile!


I just realized that 3 days of 2012 have passed and I haven’t taken a single picture!! I am planning on participating in a couple of 52-week challenges and in order to do that, I have to TAKE PICTURES!! 🙂 I will be picking up my camera tomorrow!


I don’t like using a flash.  I prefer to use natural light whenever possible.  I have the Nikon SB-400 and have used it a couple of times.  I never really got the hang of the flash.  I didn’t know how to use it in any mode other than auto.  I also had trouble with setting the angle of the flash to get the best results.  Instead of trying to learn how to use it, I just avoided situations where I would need a flash.

I took an online class at called Capture your Holidays-2011 by Katrina Kennedy.  One of the lessons was about using your flash.  It covered what the settings should be when shooting in manual.  I was thrilled when I tried it out!  I actually got pictures on Christmas morning that I was happy about!

Here is a shot I tried without the flash.  It isn’t too bad, but the color isn’t great.

And here is one I took with the flash.

I like the way the colors look in the flash picture.  I was happy to come away with several good pictures on Christmas morning.  I still need to practice using the flash. I had some trouble with a family picture.  I did some test shots to get the flash just right, but when I got in the picture it was much darker! The flash reached the bottom row of people but not the top.

The family picture was edited and lightened a bit.