A collection of my challenge entries from the past month.


Backdrop is Here!

My backdrop finally came!  I love it!  I need to keep practicing with it because if I’m not careful, I get a glare on it.  It is also a bit of a challenge keeping it from getting wrinkles when I put a child on it! Here are some shots I got.

Challenge Pics

The theme this week at Tell Your Story Every Day was Expressing Love.  Here is a picture of my mom with my kids.  My kids adore their Grandma!  I think it is safe to say that Grandma, of course, adores her grandchildren!  It is hard to get a good picture of the three of them…usually my son is goofing off.  I LOVE this picture and the love that is captured here.  I also must note the love for our home team as well!  😉

The theme for the M4H challenge was simplicity.  I chose to create a simple picture.

New Gear

I am so excited!!  I ordered a backdrop stand today.  I was going to build my own, but then I found this one for a reasonable price (plus I had some gift cards) and couldn’t pass it up.  You can adjust the height and width which is what I really need.


I also purchased this backdrop.

I am hoping both items get here by Friday!  I can’t wait to play!

Challenge Photos

The M4H theme this week was “imperfection”  During the Ravens game I set up my camera on the tripod and used the remote to take pictures of my family watching the game.  I captured this shot during one of the happier moments of the game.  I picked this picture for imperfection because the picture itself isn’t great.  I also chose it because the game was less than perfect!

For the Share Your Story Every Day challenge, the theme was self-portrait.  I thought about doing my hair and wearing something nice to try to get a good picture, but decided that just isn’t me.  So here I am, wearing things that make me happy…including my camera!

M4H 3/52 and Tell Your Story Every Day

I got a picture this week that fit both challenge themes…inspiration and something ordinary.

A new piece of art for my wall!  Those who know me, know I am not much of a decorator.  In fact, my walls are bare!  I decided this will be the year I change that.  I purchased this a few weeks ago and it just sat on the table.  I got around to hanging it in my kitchen the other day and I LOVE it!! Who would have thought something so ordinary would bring me so much joy?  It has inspired me to keep decorating and hanging things on my walls!


It is pretty rare that the kids will practice their instruments at home.  Something we need to really work on this year.  They both have concerts next week, so they got their instruments out and practiced!  I grabbed my camera! 🙂

M4H 2/52 Life

The theme for this week at My Four Hens is Life!

I was caught up in the day to day stuff. House was a mess, kids were fighting and then suddenly I noticed it was quiet.  I looked in the living room and there they were on the couch together. They took a break from their fighting and Declan was giving Kayleigh her practice spelling test for homework.  I am glad I stopped and captured this finer moment of life!

Exciting Find

I was looking on Groupon today and I found one for a 4-hour photography workshop! The focus is on portraiture and it will also cover lighting and post-processing. I am so excited and nervous, but I really have to put myself out there and take every opportunity that comes along in order to improve!