I don’t like using a flash.  I prefer to use natural light whenever possible.  I have the Nikon SB-400 and have used it a couple of times.  I never really got the hang of the flash.  I didn’t know how to use it in any mode other than auto.  I also had trouble with setting the angle of the flash to get the best results.  Instead of trying to learn how to use it, I just avoided situations where I would need a flash.

I took an online class at http://www.debbiehodge.com called Capture your Holidays-2011 by Katrina Kennedy.  One of the lessons was about using your flash.  It covered what the settings should be when shooting in manual.  I was thrilled when I tried it out!  I actually got pictures on Christmas morning that I was happy about!

Here is a shot I tried without the flash.  It isn’t too bad, but the color isn’t great.

And here is one I took with the flash.

I like the way the colors look in the flash picture.  I was happy to come away with several good pictures on Christmas morning.  I still need to practice using the flash. I had some trouble with a family picture.  I did some test shots to get the flash just right, but when I got in the picture it was much darker! The flash reached the bottom row of people but not the top.

The family picture was edited and lightened a bit.


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